Thursday, February 25, 2010

comfort food and a review

last week, A and I decided to make the ultimate comfort food for dinner.
grilled cheese and tomato soup. {yum}

i mean...who doesn't love that?
and i got to use my new platter from allmodern.

i was so excited because i don't really have any serving dishes and it is unfortunate when you have guests and have nothing to serve food on. {i talked about my dish obsession here} but for the night, i got to use my new serving dish for my super delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

i have to say...i love my new dish. i love the size. i love the simple white color. it's a classic.

i was so excited when allmodern contacted me to do a product review. i had never done one and the experience with their company was incredibly positive. the website has a ton of home products to choose from, broken up into rooms for easy browsing. they have a really great collection of products. although some of their products are out of my price range, they have a variety of things that are perfect for me and my budget. i was also very impressed with how quickly my product came {which is always nice because i was so antsy to get my new serving dish to try!}

head on over to their website {here} and browse. happy looking!

[disclaimer] this product review was sponsored by allmodern. however, my opinions and thoughts on their product and company are completely my own. i have reviewed this product and posted my satisfaction honestly.


jenna said...

this sounds wonderful!! i a starving right now! lunch at midnight.. oh man.
see you tomorrow friend!