Monday, February 22, 2010

monday night

tonight A and I decided to head out to dinner and a little shopping {for him}.

dinner was at one of my favorite favorite FAVORITE places ever. i can't believe i haven't professed my love for this place on my blog yet...

chipotle = yummy goodness.

and then we went to old navy. for A. but i bought a long cardigan. it was just too cute to pass up and will be perfect with my leggings. and it was cheap. umm...yes please.

sorry for the poor picture quality. that's what you get when you take pics with the blackberry at night.

and now we are in for the night, watching the olympics (no surprise there).
happy monday my sweets.


Julie said...

Shan, shan. Did you know they do not have Chipotle here in Evansville? The worst. Another reason Evansville sucks. Also, is this the same cardigan that Megan, Jenna, and Jen have? (See Jen's blog).

You are presh. Hope you have fun with the girlies this weekend. I'm jealous I can't join. :(

Katie Howard said...


I bought the cardigan in black and grey...that's how much I loved it! I think it's going to be a staple on my long flight to China!

P.S. It is not the same cardigan, there's have poofy pockets on the front.