Monday, February 15, 2010


i know some of you will not appreciate this post but i was so excited i just had to share.

on friday, our weatherman told us to expect snow. which i have learned not to get excited over because most of the times he is wrong and the mountains around us steal the thunder. er.... steal the snow. but this time, it was for us far southern folks. and i was so very excited. (disclaimer: i hated snow when i was in KY. but when you leave, you do just want it a few times. 1. to feel like winter. 2. to feel like home 3. it is way prettier than dried, dead grass)

and did it snow. 4 inches. which may not seem like a ton but it was just enough for me!

(forgive the horrible picture quality. it was taken on A's iphone as we were trying to make our way to blockbuster for some movies)

and the best part was that it snowed on friday. and by saturday late afternoon, it was almost all gone.



Ink Obsession Designs said...

That actually does look really pretty! :)

KatieSPerk said...

Wasn't the snow fun? So pretty too!It was really the perfect snow! It came, I saw it, I drank hot chocolate, we had a fire, the power flickered and then the snow melted!! Hooray!!