Sunday, June 27, 2010

french + j.crew

so i went to browse the j. crew website today (browse only. the prices on that website make me want to punch something. if you could divide all of those $$$ by 4 then i will maybe consider you j.crew. maybe.)

back to the point of this post...

upon entering their website they have a sweet little video for you to watch. so i did. and i loved it. so j. crew. so preppy meets chic. so paris. ( will love it, i'm sure).

check it out {here}.

now that is how you do marketing. (spoken like a true marketing/public relations major). that is how you get my attention.

i'll take all of the looks featured in the video. and i would like the song to be added to my itunes stat. if only i could figure out who it is by.

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

The song, “To Be Free,” is sung by Guylaine Vivarat