Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a weekend at the beach

A's family had a celebration for his grandparents last weekend in Cocoa Beach, FL. it was a nice little trip to the beach.

but oh my goodness was it hot. i'm talking like you don't gracefully walk across the sand. nor do you walk swiftly. the only way i can describe it is you haul your butt as quickly as possible to get to the ocean. no care in the world other than getting to that shade/ocean as quickly as possible.

it was a great day though. some laying out time. followed by a little trip for A and S to orlando to go to one of shan's favorite stores {h&m}. then back to see toy story 3 with the fam {recommend it of course. not in 3D though. there was not really one part that was very "3D". plus one doesn't feel very glamorous in those goggles. not that one really needs to be glamorous in a dark movie theater. no matter people. 3D goggles = not pretty.

moving on...

a little picture of A and i on the beach. don't let the smiles fool you. we were cranky because (did i mention?) it was blistering warm. fa-reaking hot outside people.

but i did get to wear a ruffly bathing suit. which did make it better.