Sunday, June 13, 2010

a pup weekend

this weekend was a great one. it was one of those no plans, do whatever you feel like doing kinda weekend. it was great.

this weekend was all about the pup. well, really everyday is about Kentson. but this weekend, we went to the dog park for the first time saturday. and then again today. Kents loves it. LOVES.

guess who has a new obsession with said park?

this guy. and just in case you need more witness to this cuteness called Kentson...

look. at. those. eyes.
and ears. oh those ears get me every single time.

it has been a fabulous month with Kentson. he is my little sidekick. my buddy.

if you have a dog park near you, you should definitely take your pup. it wears them out. and lets them just run and run and wrestle and wrestle to their hearts content.

here's to good weekends and sweet pups.


Rachel said...

ohh I really want to meet him! this weekend was also a puppy celebration for us ... yesterday Stella turned 2!

Anne said...

This is a double comment day for me on your blog :) So yes, Moose loves the dog park too. There is nothing that makes him happier - it's hilarious. Our puppies would probably have lots of fun together!

Day Old News said...

Your pup is SOOOO cute! Looks a little like mine, which is probably why I'm in love. :)