Friday, June 11, 2010

harry potter love

the wizarding world of harry potter at universal studios is opening soon.
and i would like someone to take me there.

i love harry potter. i am re-reading the books and i just soak it all up. and this park looks fabulous.

can i be 7 again just to have a reason to go?
or maybe i will ask A to my 24-year-old self down so i can feed my love for all things potter?

all pictures from {here }

umm...yes. that last picture is butterbeer. call me a nerd but i would drink a butterbeer (non-alcoholic for all you non hp folk. c'mon people...this is HP. we keep it classy and kid-friendly!)

oh please please please will someone (*cough* A *cough*) take me?
someone out there...back up my HP love?


Anne said...

I LOVE Harry Potter too! I was there last fall and they were building it but it wasn't open yet. I would love to go too!

Julie said...

remember how Allegiant Air flies from Owensboro, Lexington, & Greenville down to Orlando!!?!? To our hearts content!!!!!!!!!!!