Thursday, June 17, 2010

short and sweet

a few weeks ago, my mama and sister went down to FL to visit the grandparents. on their way back, they paid a little visit to me. got here on tuesday night and left on thursday morning. so short but very sweet time spent with two of my favorite people ever.

aren't they beautiful? two fabulous women in my life.

there were many laughs and fun moments. they got to meet new fur baby Kentson. Auntie mo mo fell in love and Kentson recipricated that love right back to her.

look how different K looks before he was groomed and got a summer haircut!

and to top it off, we played with the photobooth feature on morgan's mac. oh yes...this always makes for a good time and laugh til you cry or quite possibly pee your pants moments.

so i might as well share a picture of the group with very beautiful faces.

you're welcome friends. you're welcome.
my family is awesome. and A fits right in. my goodness i am a lucky girl.