Tuesday, December 8, 2009

100th post + {a giveaway}

you read that right. 100 posts today. that seems so surreal. i started this blog as a way for my family and friends to keep up with my move to SC and to collect all of my random thoughts, decorating inspiration and fashion faves in one place. and 100 posts later i have done just that and picked up some sweet blogger friends along the way. so thank you for listening to my babbling for 100 posts. i hope to babble a lot more in the future and i hope you will all join me for more adventures here in SC.

now onto a fun little announcement. with my 100th post comes my very first giveaway! i am so excited i could squeal. but i am sitting in a crowded starbucks. that might be weird.

i don't know if y'all know but i am absolutely obsessed with stationery. (maybe that should be a future "lovely friday"?) so it seemed fitting that i would give one of my favorite things away for my first giveaway. let me introduce mary ellen from mellen designs...

mary ellen is a sweet little ky girl (wooo hooo) that has an adorable stationery line. here is a little blurb from her website...

Mary Ellen is a Kentucky girl who likes to flaunt her southern style and enjoys a good helping of color and whimsy! Her social stationery company, MEllen Designs offers a fresh new signature style of stationery for women. In each whimsical design you’ll find lively colors, a humorous spirit and southern simplicity. Browse her website {here} or keep up with new designs and inspirations through her blog {here}.

mary ellen has graciously offered 2 designs from her wonderful stationery collection. the winner will receive a pack of her "merry christmas" cards

and a pack of her "black and white balcony" cards.

how stunning are these cards? i am so jealous. can i enter into my own giveaway? no? that's inappropriate? well dang it...

so enough babbling...here are the details:

prize: one pack of Mellen "Merry Christmas" cards and one pack of Mellen "Black and White Balcony" cards.
to enter: go visit mary ellen's website {here}. after visiting her site, leave me a comment letting me know your name and email address.
contest closes: sunday, december 13 at midnight EST.
winner: one lucky reader

i will announce the winner on monday december 14th. good luck my sweets!


Jen said...

OH YES! I love MEllen. pick me pick me...I'm number 1!


Holly said...

Jen didnt write her email address..Guess im the winner!!



Rachel said...

Pick me please!!!


Cory said...

yay! i love stationary & you!!


suburban prep said...

I am a person who loves stationery and these are great designs.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

I have favorited her site.

robin_titan said...

I am in love with the balcony cards! So beautiful!


Carly said...

Yay! I love her stuff I got a super cute engagement card that she made (when I got engaged)! cmjohn9@gmail.com

Margo said...

Fun, unique & pretty, for sure!!! Gotta support our local home-grown artists!!!


Jessica said...

MEllen designs are so cute and fun!! Love them. Her blog is one I follow.


Julie said...

Soooo presh!! I love those cute little bridesmaid cards and wish I would have had one when I asked you to be in my wedding. I got too excited and am not that creative. Dang.

Also, it comes with 15 cards...do you think anyone actually has that many bridesmaids????

PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

carli jean said...

I love MEllen! and I used to work with her! aha! winner winner chicken dinner! :)


Brit said...

I love how Jen was number 1 on both of our Mellen Giveaway posts!


I am going to post about your giveaway tomorrow too dear! =)

Amy Kelly said...

How pretty!!!


Natalie said...

This stationary is too cute! I would love to be your winner, yay!