Sunday, December 20, 2009

sunday musings

hi friends. back for another round of sunday musings...

1. this weekend, A and I went to his dad's house to celebrate christmas. it was wonderful spending time with his family. however, weekends go by way too fast. that's. not. cool.

2. on wednesday, we leave to spend christmas with my family in florida. i cannot wait. i am so excited to see my family and hang out on a beach. (its not warm enough to lay out. boo hiss. but it is still a beach)

3. i apologize for missing lovely friday last week. i still do not have internet at my house and friday was a jam packed day. i actually might take a little lovely friday break. not because i don't love lovely fridays (i do) but the next 2 fridays happen to fall on pretty big holidays (christmas and new years), both of which i will prob not post on. so come the beginning of the year, lovely fridays will be back. pinky swear.

4. i have ONE more christmas present to buy. it's december 20. i leave for vacation in 3 days. i should get on that.

5. i bought leggings awhile ago {these to be exact} and i am officially obsessed. now i just need to increase my legging and boot collections so i can wear them way more often.

6. i would like to see some snow here in SC. on friday, they swore up and down we were going to get some. however, we got freezing rain/sleet instead. the snow was literally about 10 miles north of us. stupid.

7. i really really really miss having a washer and dryer. consider yourself lucky/blessed to have them in your house if you do.

8. i keep telling myself i need to straighten up/deep clean my apartment. that started about 4 weeks ago. it still has yet to be done.

and that completes my musings for now...
photo found on flickr here