Friday, December 4, 2009

lovely friday

this friday is all about christmas music. i love listening to christmas music throughout the month of december. nothing else will bring out the christmas spirit like this does.

i have lots of favorites that make my christmas season that much lovelier...

the rat pack (who doesn't love a little sinatra?)

jessica simpson (her voice is just beautiful)

and drew holcomb and the neighbors

drew holcomb and his sweet wife ellie are some friends of mine. they create amazing music. ellie has a deep, raspy singing voice that matches perfectly with drew's soulful sound. put the two together and you have perfection. i highly suggest you get this cd.

i hope y'all have been listening to some christmas music this week. can you believe christmas is only 21 days away. that makes me freak out. so much to do. so much to do....
go check out drew and ellie's website {here}