Friday, December 11, 2009

lovely friday

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this lovely friday is dedicated to a little tradition that we besties have. since sophmore year (i think?) of high school, we have had "girls christmas". and 4 of us high school friends have stuck with it all throughout college. we are still going strong even though some of us live in different cities (or states). and we added a college bestie too! so 5 of us girlies get together every year for girls christmas. i get to celebrate with these little ladies...

and this's here again. i am driving up to lexington tomorrow to celebrate with my best friends. this girls christmas, we all had to make homemade gifts. i will share what i made along with what the girls made soon!

i also get to see lexington and visit with my favorites (some of which are not a part of girls christmas but they are definitely a priority to see!) and i get to see this sweet family and meet this little guy. i am so excited for my lexington weekend!

i will take plenty of pictures to document girls christmas and my lexington weekend. then i will share it with blogland soon.

girls christmas and lexington road trips definitely make my life so much lovelier.


the Poston's said...

yay!! we can't wait to see you!!!

Cassie R. said...

That is just the prettiest group of girls I think I've ever seen!
Hope you all have a great weekend~

Cory said...

aahhhhhhhhh i cannot wait for girl christmas! i'm almost giddy!!