Thursday, December 17, 2009

a christmas craft

well...i can finally share one of my christmas crafts with you. girls christmas was this past weekend {it was beyond fabulous} and the girls all received their gifts. so now it is time to share them with you.

i made teacup candles.

i followed martha stewart's craftiness found {here}. it was super simple.
supplies you need:
*a mixture of fun little vintage teacups
*wicks and sustainers (i found a set of wicks already attached to the sustainers at michaels for about $3-$4.)
*candles (i picked a favorite scent and bought a bunch of votive candles to melt.)
*wooden skewers (i'm cheap so i used pens)
*2 pots
*candle thermometer

1. place one big pot of simmering water on stove. attach smaller pot on top. this will melt the candles but not burn them. remove candle wicks and add candles to small pot. attach candle thermometer to top pot. MS says to keep melting wax at about 175 degrees.

2. melt candles.

3. while candles are wicks and sustainers into teacups. i attached them to pens to hold wicks upright while i poured the wax into the teacups. (hope that makes sense)

4. pour melted wax into teacups, leaving about 1/2" of space at the top of the candle.

5. let wax sit to harden (about an hour). poke small holes (i used a toothpick) around wick, going in about 1/4". that way, you remove any air bubbles/pockets.

6. pour wax into teacups to fill air bubbles/pockets, leaving about 1/4" of space at the top of the candle.

7. let wax harden (i let them sit out overnight) and they will be all ready and so adorable. here are my finished products...

i hope these directions make sense. between me and martha you should be able to understand. email me any questions you might have on this tutorial.

happy candle-making!


Jen said...

i see that you wrote "shave" on my candle, so sweet of you <3