Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter sunday {part 1}

my apologies friends for being so bad about blogging this week. still no internet in the apartment so i either have to haul it over to the library or wait for A to come over (we can pick up a shared internet on his computer). so here i am...finally.

easter sunday was wonderful. A and I decided to not take any road trips but rather to stay in town and hang out together. he came up and we took off to church for the morning. it was so great to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. a part of the message in church that really stuck with me was the resurrection should be a day to day part of our lives as followers of the Lord...not something that we celebrate just once a year. and it is so true. i have been
chewing on that for the week and trying to think through what it looks like to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord daily.

switching to less important gears...i was ridiculous and didn't take any pictures of A and I in our easter outfits. not that they were fancy. they weren't even new (although i did break in a pair of fuschia flats that i got for spring awhile ago). but nonetheless, i wish i would've gotten a picture to share.

after church, we came home and made brunch. we made omelettes (is that how you spell that word?) and biscuits. the brunch was delicious (and yes. i am tooting our horns here).

our little easter brunch set-up. not fancy but perfect for us.

then i got down to business. and by that i mean was a cleaning master easter afternoon/evening. to be detailed in the next post my friends.


Rachel said...

I'm glad that you're back to blogging :) I also can't freakin wait to see you this weekend!!!!!!!

The only day I was washing me hair {a lot of deep thoughts in the shower} and I thought "I miss Shannon."