Thursday, April 22, 2010

weekend and some zzzzzz

a post dedicated to z gallerie.

last weekend, A and I decided to take a little day trip down to ATL. we have been wanting to go to ikea and h&m down there for quite sometime. and i personally couldn't think of a better way to celebrate getting a new job. so i took my tax dollars and off we went.

our plan was to go first to h&m (an awesome clothing store. think forever 21 but more. and better organized). then to eat. then to ikea. no stops in between.

so down we went. first to h&m {found a few cute things}. then to eat. i spotted a california pizza kitchen in the shopping center we had landed in. umm..yes please. have you ever been? please go. and get the tostada pizza. yum. (tangent...tried to repeat the recipe and make my own earlier this week. not nearly as good. but props to shan for trying right?) after our delicious pizza excursion, we walked out of the restaurant to go straight to ikea. lo and behold, right before my eyes a huge z gallerie store. heard so much about it. had to just take a peek. right A? he happily obliged. was heavenly. here is everything that caught my eye in that store. i wish i could have taken it all home.

i wanted this. i wanted this. so bad. so bad. but i didn't. now i wish i would've.

and this was my purchase. the shorter blue cloud vase. i'm in love.

what a great store. really. fabulous. go.
one of my is expensive. you can find affordable things but i'm sorry. i will not pay $400 for a chandelier. especially when i am going to go buy one for $40 at ikea.

to sum up the story, ikea was wonderful as well. walked out without drowning my bank account and got some wonderful things to make my apartment more girly and lovely {in my eyes at least}. i'll share soon. however, my apartment looks like a disaster. i have come home from 2 weekend trips, dumped my bags in living room {where they exploded}, my shopping bags are still laying around and furniture is being traded out to make room for new purchases. its crazy. but i love it all so much.
all photos courtesy of z gallerie.


jenna said...

so fun! i passed off your candle-making blog post to a girl at work who wants to make candles for her wedding :) i miss you friend!