Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter sunday {part 2}: spring cleaning

on easter sunday, i got down to business. my apartment was a disaster a little messy so it needed a good clean. and for the past week or so, i had been trying to get some spring cleaning done. the apartment needed a whole lot of love and easter sunday was my day.

first, i made a list. i am obsessed (y'all probably know this already). i like crossing things off and i needed as much motivation as i could get to cross all of this off of my list.

i wasn't kidding. my list of to-do's ranged from making my bed and cutting up fruit/veggies all the way to cleaning the baseboards in my kitchen and the little corners of my bathroom that rarely sees the swiffer. i wasn't joking around. i was going to whip the apartment into shape.

i even took some pictures to document. ok so only one makes it on here. i had A take a few pictures of me in my spring cleaning glory {i just knew y'all would be chomping at the bit to see} but they all got the boot. no make-up, hair thrown into a pony-tail with a flowery headband, all while wearing shorts with watermelons on them paired with a tank top that has skull and crossbones (i'm that tough people). yep. all of those action shots got shot down. but i'll share my one giveaway pile.

when all was said and done {6 hours later}, my apartment was a shiny, springy, sparkly little apartment. i was so proud. all of those to-do's were crossed off that list. heck to the yes.


My bestie Rachel is having a fabulous giveaway on her blog. Check it out here.


Rachel said...

I want to see the pictures ... please!

Jen said...

i want that giveaway pile! don't tell benny :)

Kerr said...

way to go! I need to do the same to my apartment