Friday, April 9, 2010

kentucky love

greetings from kentucky! this weekend, A and I are taking a much needed trip to kentucky. it has been 4 months (too long) and i have been counting down the days to visit.

this weekend will look a little something like this.

*spend sometime with my family.
*see my kitty, milo. i love him. don't think i have introduced you yet so...

dang i can't wait to be tan again. moving on...
*meet baby james and spend time with cory.
*visit with my besties (so excited).
*hold baby silas and hug angie.
*eat pazzos (delicious pizza place. be jealous)
*a little trip to forever 21.

and so much more. i can't wait. it will be a jam-packed weekend so i will be signing off until next week. but i will try my hardest to take pictures and be back to document all the fun from my weekend at home.

happy weekend sweets.


Jen said...


CANNOT WAIT to see your face!

Julie said...

SAD!!! AND JEALOUS!!! I want to visit with you so badly. Why did we all grow up and move places???

oh right...for the men we love. :)

my word verification word was jiummuun. WOW.

Kerr said...

soooo jealous of pazzo's! love that place.

Holly said...

I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU. I am agonna call you after work. xoxo!

Glamorous Newlywed said...

Sigh, forever 21... I could just pitch a tent and live in that store :)