Thursday, April 1, 2010


i work super close to a tjmaxx, which could be lucky or deadly, depending on how you look at it. many days i like to take a little break from work and walk around the store. i browse the home decorating aisles the most {duh} and love my little afternoons of trying to find something good.

last week i took a little trip and found so many things that i wanted. i was so proud of myself seeing as though i walked out of the store without making a purchase. trying to live on budget here people. but i did take pictures like a crazy person with my blackberry to share with blogland.

first thing that caught my eye was this little side table. totally for use indoors or out. i have liked these for quite sometime and really wanted to take this home with me.

they had these little boxes that you could store lots of things in. papers, receipts, recipes. it would instantly add a little chic to your desk or kitchen, don't you think?

i have been looking for a big woven basket for awhile. most are like 50 bucks or more. this one was ?. it didn't have a price. but most of the ones around it were 15-20. i just needed it to be a little bigger so i could store my blankets in it.

they had some super cute lamps (as always).

and last, they had some rugs that i really liked. this first one was a smaller black and white ikat print. {y'all know i love my ikat}. the 2nd one was a super cute tan and cream striped one. that one was huge. i wanted it. but my bank account decided $130 was just waaaay too much for me right now.

going back through these pictures, i apparently was on a light blue, green and natural color kick (except for the b&w rug). cute huh?

have y'all found anything good at your local tj maxx stores lately?



Anne said...

I LOVE the little boxes in the second picture. I actually need to get something to store my panoramic-view sized pictures in. I might head to TJMaxx this weekend. Do you think they have the same stuff in KY as SC?

Julie said...

I love TJMaxx!! It's totally not the first place I always think of, but it should be. They seriously have so much stuff that I would love to decorate with. I don't feel like any TJMaxx store has the same stuff. It all just seems so hodge-podge to me. I can almost always find something I like, though!!

Rachel said...

I want to go shopping with you so so badly!