Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a spring treat

seeing as though summer is just around the corner, i have been attempting to change my diet to accommodate the upcoming bathing suit season. i mean, nothing gets your attention more than trying on swimsuits come march/april. (however, the see-through skin probably doesn't help my self confidence either).

my problem is that i have a sweet tooth. or maybe the correct term would be sweet teeth. so with my new "eating healthy" campaign, i needed to find a healthy alternative to my after-dinner cravings.

cue my healthy treat...

this sorbet is so very good friends. have y'all tried it? it's my favorite. they have multiple flavors (i have only tried strawberry and lemon) and strawberry is by far my favorite. however, i now need to convince myself not to eat the whole container in one night.'s that good.

do y'all have any go-to healthy treats to share? please do!


Rachel said...

I am going to buy this next time I go to the store.

I wish you were closer and could help motivate me to eat healthier.

Steph Shaver said...

Shannon - I too have a problem with wanting something sweet after dinner. I have found that a high fiber sweet cereal, eaten dry like a snack, curbs my sweet"teeth". I like Total - Cinnamon Squares. They taste like little cinnamon toasts! YUM