Thursday, April 29, 2010


for almost a month, i have been eating a vegetarian diet. i had given it a lot of thought and decided to try it for a weekend. then for a week. then for 2. never stopped so now i'm just going with it. 

at first, i wanted to see how it affected my life {ie: going out to a restaurant, cooking for A, etc} and i must say, that i haven't really noticed an inconvenience at all. i am not a big meat eater in the first place. i don't eat steak or hamburgers ever. no fish. the only meat i ever consume is turkey sandwiches and chicken for dinner. i already ate tofu and boca (a line of vegan/vegetarian options) and so it hasn't really been that different. i have noticed it is a little difficult to go out to eat. not because there aren't options...only because i haven't really educated myself about what places are the most "veggie friendly".

i think i will continue with it. i am not sure for how long. but for the past month, i have called myself a vegetarian and i am proud that i have made that decision. i am learning a lot and look forward to seeing how going vegetarian affects my body and how it feels in the long run. although, i should say that i have not made the decision based on health but rather the animals and how they are treated.

i also want to say that going vegetarian is a completely personal choice and one that should be made thoughtfully. i have really loved learning about food and i think it is such an interesting topic to discuss with others. (A is not a vegetarian and i would never ask/expect him to be. but we have had some awesome conversations about food in general and he has been incredibly supportive of my choice).

so let's talk. what do y'all think? ever thought about going veggie? any vegetarians out there with tips/recipes?


Jen said...

have you read any books about it shan shan? i want to read on food but don't know where to look.

<3 you & miss you-