Thursday, October 8, 2009

halloween is coming...

which means it is time to decorate. i don't really have the resources (ahem..extra dollars) to spend on fun halloween decorations. Too bad...i love halloween.

If i could decorate i would decorate with these haunting beauties...

From Pottery Barn

and Target



Jen said...

shannon! i know how much you love halloween. but i'm not usually really into it. i love that bejeweled skull though! i bet we could do something similar. I bet we could get a skull or something creepy like your crows cover them in elmer's & glitter and set those puppies out for 2 bucks!

you are coming to town this weekend...craft??

ps - a guy picked up t-shirts today that looked JUST like andy. it was almost weird they looked so much alike. ben saw him too to corroborate my story.

Rachel said...

This does sound like a perfect craft idea...I'm in for this weekend :)