Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i have discovered a yummy snack blogland and each of you should run out and get some asap. it is delicious.

everyone always talks about hummus and how good it is. i will admit...i was a little skeptical at first. made me nervous. i'm not really the type to try new foods all that often. i'm really picky. but this stuff got me on the first bite. i got a recommendation to try the roasted red pepper and it is amazing. (pictured above)

try it with pita chips (my favorite? stacey's pita chips, simply naked...it only has sea salt) or pretzels. let me know what you think my sweets.



Cory said...

i LOVE sabra hummus with stacys simply naked pita chips! it's like my favorite snack!

i also love you :)

Rachel said...

this is a true story - i have Stacy's tuscan herb pita chips sitting on my desk, and Samba hummus in the fridge here at work. It's the perfect solution if hunger hits in the late afternoon!

fancy vintage said...

this is so great! and perfect with pita chips!

Margo said...

I think Sabra Hummus tastes closest to homemade. Really easy to make if you have a food processor (which I know you don't have at this point). Try these chips with hummus: Lundberg's Sea Salt Rice Chips. Delish!