Tuesday, October 27, 2009

funny + embarrassment

so today at work, i was researching companies on a website called hoovers. while talking to a co-worker, i asked her what i should do if i can't find the company on that website. after a second, she started laughing. i was so confused. Then she explained it to me.

"the website you are using is called hoovers. you just called it hooters."

i was mortified. i fake laughed for a second just to show that i did think it was funny (although at the moment, it was more embarrassing than funny). she was still laughing. all along i was thinking "holy crap. i just said hooters in my cubicle at work. to a co-worker. where everyone could hear me."

awesome. nice work shan.


Margo said...

Ha ha! That's funny! Don't be so hard on yourself. Just see the humor in it and laugh at yourself - you're only human!

the Poston's said...

i say words like that all the time at my job..
dont you worry!! ;)