Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a target winner

i know how much everyone loves target. i love it too. its unusual for me to go into target to get one thing and not buy anything else. normally, that one thing turns into about 5. sometimes more.

this summer, they had a line of t-shirts out. little pocket v-neck tees. tons of them in lots of colors. i picked 2 up. they seemed like great tees to wear casually. well, after having those 2 shirts for about a week, i went and got 2 more. i LOVE them. they are soft. they are cute. and they fit me great. i would recommend them to any girl. they are the perfect little tee to throw on and run out the door. i have one in gray, blue, purple and coral. i believe i saw them pretty recently at target for about $8.

girls. i'm serious. they are great. go. now. seriously.
you will thank me later.