Saturday, October 17, 2009


my mama sent me this picture this weekend. check me out at 2 years of age.

notice anything? look close. look a little closer. see the hat? that hat reads "Clemson Tigers". A is in his final semester at Clemson. I live 20 minutes away. Who would have thought 21 years after this picture was taken, i would be moving to the Clemson area for my love?

Funny how things work out like that. I consider this picture a sweet little present from the Lord.


jenna said...

this is PRECIOUS! i love it! and you! :) miss you friend!

Jen said...

that makes me really happy!!

Holly said...

I mean that looks JUST like you :) so cute.

Julie said...

SOOO Precious. And the glasses. Oversized just like you wear now. :)