Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday musings

1. this weekend was one for the books. it was great. i loved every second that my besties were here. if only, it hadn't gone by so stinking fast. we had a jam packed weekend full of shopping, eating, exploring and all around fun. best weekend yet and exactly what the doctor ordered. i will post pictures later this week (my camera batteries were dead and so i have to wait for the girlies to send me my copies).

2. this weekend, i discovered a favorite place in greenville. a tea bar. i had been there before so i took the girls. i found a favorite. uh oh.

3. tonight, A and I are trying a new church. or should i say, i am. he has been there plenty of times. I'm excited.

4. because of said apartment guests for the weekend, i forced myself to clean the apartment and have a place for everything and everything in it's place. it is not done forever. but it is done for now. you know what that means. an apartment tour is coming (camera batteries are charging as we speak. errr...type.)

5. i would like some candy corn from fresh market. haven't had any this season.

6. i need to jump back on my reading train. i love reading. i have a book list the length of well...a book. in the middle of getting through said book list, i decided it was high time to re-read the Harry Potter books. i'm almost done with the 3rd. have 4 rather large HP books to go.

7. i want my friends to turn around and come back right about now.

8. my birthday is in 16 days. i think Nov. 10th is the best day of the year. seriously.

9. i ate at a new (for me) restaurant last night with the besties. it was good. i'll go back...maybe.

10. downtown Greenville is gorgeous.

11. the above picture has nothing to do with this post. but it's pretty huh? and it, of course, is tagged to the flickr owner.

12. i like even numbers. this random fact makes my musings even.

That is all for my sunday musings. i liked sharing my thoughts with you. i might just have to do it again.


Holly said...

miss you already shan shan!

Anne said...

Glad you all had such a fun weekend - and I just finished reading the last Harry Potter last night for the first time - I want to re-read them all now!

Rachel said...

Shan- Love the post! I miss you tons!I had such a fun weekend...I hope we get to come back soon!

Margo said...

So glad you had such a wonderful weekend with your girls. Can't wait to see the pics of your weekend and pics of your place!

Margo said...

...Oh, and I love how Holly called you Shan Shan!!!!