Monday, October 19, 2009

a fall trend

so i hear that gray nail polish is the "go to" color for the fall. and i am 110% on board. if you ask any of my besties, they will tell you that i am rarely seen without nail polish on. My mom always has her's done pretty and she passed that along to me. So i am excited to try this new color. I also LOVE gray. so that is two reasons to hop on board the trend train.

i picked up this color recently. it's a little light but I am excited to try it out.

OPI's Moon Over Mumbai


Rachel said...

I might just have to steal that and paint my nails when I come to visit ;)

Jen said...

i was going to say EXACTLY the same thing as Rach. You should probably hide that next weekend!

i also wanted to add that while i was not "for" the black fingernail polish trend and am a billion times more "for" this lovely gray. yay for trends that suit me...{unlike evil skinny jeans - not for girls with hips}.