Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tuesday's ten: things that i am loving right now

1. goodreads.com. i found this on a blog the other day. i decided to check it out. it's like a virtual bookshelf. i have mentioned on here before about how much i love to read and that i have about 100 books on my to-read list right now. this helps me keep track better!

2. easter candy: m&m's and eggs

3. LOST. it's so good. i am so lost (pun intended) because there are so many story lines going on. but i am loving it and hate waiting a week to see where they will lead me next.

4. house hunting. don't get the wrong idea. i am not in the market for a house. A and I are not married. but for the past 2 saturdays, we have found ourselves trolling our favorite neighborhoods looking at sweet little houses. we are so excited to get married and have a house together that it is quickly becoming a little tradition of ours.

5. speaking of A, i love him. i know i know. how cheesy. but i moved down here to SC to be closer to him so we could grow up one day and get married. and i keep falling for him even more. sorry to make you gag but i really really love this man. {and i love dancing like crazy people when we are in public}

6. reading through matthew.

7. frilly aprons. especially when they look so fresh and springy. makes me just want to cook/bake a lot.

8. busting out the spring/summer wardrobe. this weekend i started my spring cleaning extravaganza {to be detailed in another post} and i switched out some of my winter clothes for my summer ones. it just got me pumped for this warmer weather.

9. the return of thunderstorms. i should point out that i am fascinated with the weather. the weather channel is one of my faves (don't get it with my basic cable...tear). i love thunderstorms in the spring and we had a good one this week. severe thunderstorm warning. loved it. it was too short lived but it brought the wind, rain and hail like no one's business. and i was giddy.

10. the kind diet. i talked about the book in my food post {here} and have just started to dig through it. so far...i'm liking it.

2 things that i love that didn't make it on my list...
*the new tv show "minute to win it". A and I are obsessed.
*that i am going home in 2 weeks for a visit. can't wait. i get to see my family, besties, lexington and meet little baby james (one of my besties cory just had her first little bundle last week. can't wait to meet the little guy)

so my sweets, give my your 10. or just 1 or 2. i want to hear what you are loving right now.
all pictures courtesy of google images (except for A and me. duh)


the Poston's said...

hellooooo baby silas would like to see you as well:)

Julie said...

WHAT!?!?! When are you going home? Please tell me it will overlap when I have to go to Lex. Or let me figure out a way to see you. WE LIVE SO FAR APART!!!!!!!!