Tuesday, August 11, 2009


late last night i arrived in south carolina. it was so bittersweet. i was so excited. and i was also so sad to leave Lexington. I have come down here to look for a job and a place to live. So no precious apartment pictures to show yet. Some wonderful friends of A have given me a place to stay temporarily.

greenville is such a pretty little city. it looks so fresh and new. it truly is so pretty. i can't wait for all of my wonderful kentucky friends to come down and visit me. once i get an apartment i hope they come by the truck loads. over and over again.

a little tribute to my new sweet city, greenville.

come visit me...
all photos from flickr.


Julie said...

I was unaware that you too have become a blogger. Good thing since you are far away from everyone (farthest from me!!!) and you can keep everyone posted about your new life.

I miss you...I want to cuddle. Come to Indiana?? Okay, I will come there instead. SOON!!!

Holly said...

You dont need to tell me twice sister. I'm coming :)

Rachel said...

im in too!! you can't stop me :)