Sunday, August 23, 2009

bathing beauties

ok so i have a confession. i have an obsession. not kidding.

i am obsessed with Anthropologie. Especially with the furniture/kitchen/bedding stuff. But that all will be saved for another post. I was playing online tonight and i just like to tempt myself by looking on the Anthropologie website. I clicked on the swimsuit sale. I didn't think I would find so many favorites.

I am a victoria's secret BRAT when it comes to buying my bathing suits. It's fine. I totally admit that VS has a loyal buyer right here. But oh man. You have my heart tonight. I wish I could add all of you to my collection.

All on sale but I don't need any of them. But I decided that they will make my blog prettier. And I want all of my sweets to see the bathing beauties in all their glory...



Jen said...

maybe if we boost anthropologie enough in our blogs they will start to give us free stuff. spokeswomen always get paid & we're endorsers.

i love the suits. I'd wear every single one! the ruffly tube top one-piece is my fav. :)

happy monday shan!

Rachel said...

Aww Jen I was about the post and say I loved the ruffly tube top too :)

I do love them all though...

So excited to see you this weekend!!

Lucianne said...

lots of ruffles.