Friday, August 21, 2009

a girly girl

i love dainty things. i love pretty colors and soft clothes. i love being extremely girly. therefore, i love j crew. i feel like they are just

i get the catalog and mark my favorites. there are a lot of favorites. j crew knows my style. my style doesn't include the animals embroidered on the pants or the graphic t-shirts (not knocking on anybody who loves those things though). my heart belongs to the ruffles, the bows, the pretty prints and the bold jewelry.

many times i feel sad because i think they are just too expensive. i understand the cashmere prices. i don't understand the regular cotton t-shirts that are $30-$50 bucks. so i wait and wait for my faves to go on sale. or go get my fix at the local j crew outlet.

lately, i have seen lots of things that my heart wants. i think these things belong in my closet and in my jewelry box. i will wait for the sales.

jenna from j crew gets to pick out her favorites in every catalog. she gets my style. so i thought it was about high time to pick out my favorites. hard to narrow down but here it is.
shannon's picks

a girl can dream right???


Rachel said...

I am dreaming of some tall brown boots like yours in the picture! Let me know if you see any at a reasonable price :)