Thursday, August 13, 2009

unexpected inspiration

yesterday was a long and hard day. i needed some peace and some starbucks. A took me to starbucks to get a drink and read some for the day. a quiet time. not so quiet since everyone in clemson decided it was the night to hang out at starbucks. but that was fine by me. i tuned out and focused on the Lord for a bit. i got some internal peace if anything (which was exactly what i needed.) starbucks hot chocolate didn't let me down either....

as we decided on a place to sit (the only place available both inside and out) were some big comfy red chairs stuck in a corner. little did i know how much I would become obsessed with that corner. as i sat down, i looked up. what did i see? some design inspiration sitting right next to me at starbucks.

lets see....
1. mint green walls? CHECK
2. splash of color in the form of a big red chair? CHECK
3. an amazing and simple piece of artwork? CHECK

i am sold.



Rachel said...

very cute. i love the mint walls and the white frame. miss you friend.

Jen said... normal.


Julie said...

it's not really okay that i don't know about where you live. that will be remedied quickly.

get a job and a place to live and I'll be there soon after. Maybe with some friends.

jenna said...

take me there when i come! :) i will drink hot chocolate with you!