Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a preview

so i want so badly to show you some pictures of the weekend before last. one of my besties, purdy, came down for a quick visit to SC. Her time here was short but sweet.

however, i realize that my cord to connect my camera to my computer is packed away. among all my stuff. technically, it could be in my car (doubtful), in A's room (don't think so) or in one of two cities in kentucky (most likely). until i get said cord, the pictures will have to wait.

but i did take two pictures on my blackberry. we only remembered to take pictures on one night. it happened to be the night where we went to Greenville and did lots of walking around and eating.

these two pictures have no one in them. just scenery.
so consider these a preview. a preview of what's to come.