Sunday, August 23, 2009

back to school

the end of august means back to school for a lot of my friends and the start of college for my little sister. i love back to school time...kind of. now that i think about it, there is really only one reason why i like back to school time. that would be shopping for school supplies. oh how i love getting new pencils and pens, notebooks and especially a new planner!

even though i am not in school any longer (i don't miss it at all), doesn't mean i can't go get some "school supplies". and by "school supplies" i mean...

some brand new sharpie pens,

a sweet new calendar

and my favorite, a new planner ready to hold all of my plans for the year

maybe they are no longer school supplies for me. Maybe i can call them "new job" supplies. that's right...on friday i got a job offer in greenville. starts in september. the Lord is so good and faithful! so i think that calls for a celebration...with sharpies, a calendar and a planner.
photos above from flickr and etsy. linked to owners.


jenna said...

oh it definitely does :) i feel so happy for you!

Anne said...

Shannon - congratulations on your job offer!!! I'm so excited for you - that is wondeful =)

Katie Lindeman said...

Shannon! Congrats on your new job!! I want to come visit you in your part of S. Carolina sometime! The other day I decided I knew my roommate well enough to tell her about when we changed all my facebook interests.. she didn't think it was funny.. Bahah. :)

cory said...

ahhh congrats! i'm so excited that you found a job..and yes, that definitely calls for supplies :) love you so much!

Lucianne said...

SHAN!! this is so GREAT! congratulations! wow, that was really quick, too.