Wednesday, August 26, 2009

martha martha martha

martha stewart. i just love all of her crafty and homemaker ways. i love her magazine. i love her wedding magazine. i love browsing her website and her wedding website (i don't pick anything out..i just like to get fun ideas for someday!)

i love her craft supplies at wal-mart (they have a pack of like 20 glitters through her line at wal-mart. everytime i go to wal-mart...oh like once every year...i go look at that pack. i want it. not sure what i would use it for but my girly eyes are drawn to the sparkle) sorry. tangent.

anywho...i don't necessarily love the woman martha. sometimes i think she comes across as kind of mean and know-it-all ish. i won't judge. she might be super nice IRL. but i love her ways.

she has three books out. i have one (the cookbook). i can't wait to have a house with A someday. then i have an excuse to get the homemaker one. i don't really have/need an excuse to ask for the craft one. i just want it.

oh and we can just throw this one in there for good measure. i love cupcakes. it will be useful when i want to bake cupcakes and polish off all of them in 48 hours time.

these will all be mine someday. it is just fun to dream about decorating and baking and crafting someday....


Rachel said...

I NEED the encyclopedia of crafts!!!

See you in like 24 hours...wooo hooo!

Cory said...

the homekeeping handbook is the greatest thing ever!!!