Sunday, September 20, 2009

and so it begins...

tomorrow afternoon the moving process continues. i have all my boxes packed. my reservation for a uhaul truck and now i just have to wait.

and oh man, i can't wait. i am going to be itching to get off of work tomorrow just so that I can begin to move. I am so excited. i will keep all you sweets posted (no pun intended) on the moving process and how it goes.

I can't wait for...
-sleeping in my OWN bed (it's been 11 weeks..i counted)
-having my besties and family all visit
-having a place to go that i can call mine
-alone time
-cooking my food and not eating out

A little story from a few weeks ago...
For summertime, I had all of my boxes and bags stored up at my parents house. I had all my furniture and more boxes stored at one of my besties' house an hour away. My family rented a van in lexington so we had to make the hour long trip down to lexington to pick up the van and do some rearranging. It was INSANE.

Mind you this was about 6:45 in the morning. I was exhausted but excited. That's my mama in the front seat cracking up. Isn't she pretty?

These pictures don't even do it justice. The car was jammed. You couldn't open the other back door because things would fall out. I had bags at my feet and on my lap. My dad couldn't see out the back window at all. My mama had things at her feet and in her lap. That is how i sat for over an hour. My legs fell asleep. I was hot. I get carsick when I can't see the road (i was sooooo sick). Also, I couldn't see either one of my parents. They were both sitting right in front of me. That is how PACKED i was.

So that is how the story begins. Moving all of my stuff down to SC. And tomorrow, the story continutes. I can't wait to share it all with the blog world.


Jen said...

yay new home! i can't wait to see it! {and you}.


Lyr said...

This sure is exciting!!! PLEASE do keep us posted!!!

Rachel said...

I am so glad we go to chat last night! I can't wait to see pictures of your apartment...and I really can't wait to see it in person!