Friday, September 11, 2009

a weakness

since moving to SC, i have found my weakness.

and it comes in the form of a black and white cookie.

these little lovelies are sold at starbucks in a little package of two. oh my goodness. ever since i tried one, my tummy craves them. i need to nix this little weakness in the bud or else it might turn into a really bad habit.

they are just oh so good. have y'all tried them? you should. but only if you have a good amount of discipline in your life. seeing as i don't, i need to create a 12-step program or something to kick these little cookies out of my life.

too bad i'm sitting at starbucks right now and just consumed two of these babies.

i'll start tomorrow...


jenna said...

oh my...yes, these are sold in giant form in nyc. love them! and you!

Rachel said...

I know you don't like Seinfeld, but there is an episode where Jerry hasn't puked in like forever and he eats one of these cookies and throws up. Since Eric says he hasn't puked in like over 10 years I bought him one of these cookies awhile ago. He didn't puke...