Monday, September 28, 2009

i hear it becomes a quick addiction

so on saturday, A and I decided to jump on the "Lost" bandwagon {i can hear cheers and applause coming from my besties and my parents right now}. They are all obsessed and so I feel pretty excited to begin the addiction.

As of today, we are 6 episodes in. It is good so far (sometimes scary for me?) but I think it's a keeper. We also have the series premier of "Flash Forward" recorded on his DVR. I need to scoot down to his place to watch that. I have heard good things about it so far. Have any of y'all watched it? What did you think?

So as we were watching "Lost" on Saturday, a scene came on that got me to thinking. They are having a memorial service for the people who passed away in the crash and they are saying words about each person based on their belongings that they find or if they interacted with them. Many were surface-y comments and some were what people observed about the person. And it got my mind racing..."what would someone say about me?"

The only thing that I want someone to remember me by is my love for the Lord. I want to live a life that when people observe me, interact with me or sit down and talk with me, the one thing they can walk away saying about me is that the Lord's grace and love shines through on to everyone that I encounter. That is my utmost desire.

That scene affected me. I have thought about it everyday since then. I am going to make that a constant prayer of mine (sometimes it is but I want it to be constant). I want to leave a legacy of the Lord. A legacy and life that reflects only him. That will be my prayer.



That Winsome Girl said...

The hubby and I love Lost! I am so excited to hear that you have started watching it. We also watched the premiere Flash Forward last week. I like it and am definitely interested to see where the show leads. I don't think anything could ever replace Lost in my heart, it is seriously the best show ever created!

Margo said...

I'm so glad you all are watching LOST! I just love all the characters and how they do flashbacks and you get to see what their lives were like before the island. Love all the unexpected twists, too! Very clever writing. I missed FlashForward, darn it! Wanted Morgan to record it but she was already recording 2 or 3 other shows at the same time! Anyway, love you and miss you soooo much! Love, Mom

Jen said...

YESSSSS! i love it! and you're gonna love it. but be careful, if you start watching enough lost episodes in a row you start to think that you're stuck on the island too. you're not shannon, you're in south carolina. you've never been in a plane crash. tell yourself these things.

love it! i agree with thatwinsome girl about flash forward too!

all good shows come on on thursdays...why is that? are they trying to break my dvr? what's wrong with all the other days of the week...they get no play?