Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i am so thankful. today, i came home to a package waiting for me. My sweet bestie jen sent me a few plates to start my little kitchen collection (i have no plates...well i didn't!). It was such a sweet gesture.

I then started to look around my apartment. I have so many things that friends and family have given to me to help fill my small apartment. In that moment, I felt like I was home. I am not surrounded down here by my besties and family but at that moment, I felt surrounded by their love. It was a perfect moment full of love.

A few pictures of the sweet things that my friends have so graciously given to me...

From Rach and Eric

From Jen and Ben

From Angie and Micah

From my wonderful family

There is so much more that I have in the apartment that so many people have given to me. I feel incredibly blessed. I couldn't take pictures of everything (it would show the state of my messy apartment at this time) but I hope everyone knows how incredibly thankful and loved I feel for helping a girl out.

I am so blessed...


Holly said...

I miss that couch. and YOU.

Rachel said...

Aww the black table looks great with the yellow runner! I am so happy for you and your new apt.

the Poston's said...

yay! my beloved popizon chair! you have many a sweet memory in that house with you:)

love you shannon! can't wait to see you in a week and a half!!!

p.s. when i really have to pee...

i waddle now..