Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a sneak peak (of a completed project)

I know many of y'all (ok maybe not "many"...maybe more like "a small few") have been itching for some apartment pictures. and I promise they are coming. pinky swear. i just need to get everything put away and a few more things done and then they will be here quicker than you can say..."pretty apartment."

So i had the idea awhile back to do an "S" wall. Seeing as my name is Shannon, it would be perfect. I love monograms. So I have been slowly collecting. Right now I only have three. Hoping to add some pretty ones to that collection soon.

One "S" that I found was from Hobby Lobby (freaking love that place). However, it was a brassy gold. Not knocking on that at all. Just didn't really go with my decor. So I had to paint it. My color choice? a pretty minty blue green. Turned out fabulous if you ask me!

I will apologize up front for the poor horrible picture quality. It was night time and I had to use the flash on my blackberry so you could see the before color.

Here is the before (a part of it...i remembered halfway through the first coat to take a before picture):

And here is the after:

And here is the collection so far (+ a little sneak peak of the apartment decorating):

It doesn't look very proportionate. They take up more room than that. And that blue is way lighter than it shows up.

The "S" wall sits in my dining room area. I love it so far and can't wait to add to my collection. Let me know if you see any pretty monograms out there my sweets!


Jen said...

you know how i feel about monograms! i'm going to love that wall! anthropologie has some and they aren't too expensive if you're only buying 1 {or 2}. & i would keep checking back at hobby lobby they always have new finds :) what about getting one of those wooden ones at micheal's and covering it in cute fabric that matches the room?

can't wait to see it all in person!

love you-

Jen said...

sorry,i'm leaving 2 comments on one post. i'm your fan...i can't help it.

i think it would be cute if you mixed in some other nick-nacky things in with your S's. like maybe painting some interesting looking little frames {found at an antique store or garage sale} and just leave them open backed?

just a thought.

Holly said...

I LOVE the cream one! Which AWESOME roommate of yours got you that??? ;) Haha, I love it Shan! Justine did something like this on a big wall in her room at her parents house and she put big 8x10 pictures mixed in there as well! I think whatever you do, will look great!!!