Monday, September 14, 2009

m. antoinette

"let them eat cake" marie antoinette.

i really love anything to do with miss antoinette. i loved learning about her in european history. she was just so girly. and that's me. (minus the whole crazy woman who eventually gets not me)

when the move came out a few years back, i immediately wanted to see it. and i loved it. how could i not? it was like candy for my eyes. i think my favorite thing about the move was the costumes and the colors. it was so pretty. half the time, i find myself yearning to watch that movie again because my eyes dance across the screen while all the gorgeous pale colors make me swoon and my heart flutter.

i tell you all of this because a few months ago, i made my first etsy purchase. i had my eye on it for quite sometime. and knowing i was getting an apartment in the near future (which turned out to be way later than i expected. grrr. sorry...tangent) i knew it was the perfect time for a buy. framed in my kitchen? oh it will be. and it is in one of my favorite colors. mint green.

mine will be put into a frame where you can see the rough edges of the paper. and i am so excited to have place to hang it (hopefully really soon!)
the etsy seller is blulima. go visit her. she has some great things (and a SALE coming up soon!)


Rachel said...

I have never seen the movie. It's on my netflix list, so I will have to watch it soon. I can't wait to see this print hanging in your precious apartment. How is the search going?