Sunday, September 13, 2009

new apartment treats new apartment yet. but i am getting close. real close. of course, i will keep all of you sweets updated.

but i found a little website full of things i would love to fill my new apartment with when the day comes. or maybe someday, when me and A have a sweet little place together, i will get some of these things. they are just so dainty and unique.

the site is madison belle. she also has a blog that you can visit here. definitely go look around at all that they offer. i'm sure y'all will be just as impressed as i am! let me (and her) know what you think! i have put together a few (or more than a few) pieces that i love from the collection.

look how precious....

can you now see why i am just a little bit obsessed with the sweet collection of madison belle?


Rachel said...

Thanks so much for sharing this site! I LOVE IT! I am officially adding the towels with the teapots to my Christmas list. I need to become more crafty so I can make these things :)