Thursday, September 3, 2009

playing catch up

oh how much i have missed blogs...both mine and the bunches that i read everyday. my life has been crazy with my weekend trip to kentucky and moving all of my stuff down here. to top it all off, i have still not found my camera cord (still packed in a box, i'm sure) and i forgot to take my computer home with me so i have so much catching up to do.

a little recap of my weekend. it was GREAT. it was the first time going home since i have officially "moved" to SC. it is crazy to go home though. i had so many people i wanted to see and so little time to squeeze all my besties in (i wanted good quality time with all of them, which is hard when you have less than 72 hours to visit). but it was perfect. i only wished it could have been longer.

A & I went up to KY for a sweet little wedding. it was so pretty. our friends carly and ryan tied the knot and had a bunch of friends there to celebrate. i loved it.

their wedding was beautiful. bold color choices of green and blue, carly's beautiful wedding gown and the groom and groomsmen all in their khaki colored suits. it was so pretty...carly did such a great job planning it all by herself!

a few pictures from the wedding
(all stolen borrowed from facebook friends)

first off the beautiful bride and groom, carly and ryan

the cake. oh my goodness. four words... best wedding cake ever

now a few pictures of my besties.

i wish i had more to share. my pictures from the day are just sitting on my camera waiting to be added to my flickr/blog. oh well...

a simply beautiful wedding



Rachel said...

I had a great weekend with you. The whole family misses your face!! Sorry I missed you on Wed. I'm glad you made it back safely.