Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and i'm back.

hello blogland. i am back from the holiday break and going through blogging withdraws. it has been {gasp} a whole 12 days. dang. that was rough. 

even though i was absent from my blog, my little blackberry allowed me to stay up-to-date on all of your blogs out there. i hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break. i, for one, am not ready to be back working this week. i kicked and screamed the whole way to work on monday morning. not cool. but so is life...

we had a wonderful christmas in florida with my family. it was everything a break should be. low-key and relaxing, with a lot of time spent with family, eating wonderful homemade meals and laughing up a storm. i have pictures to share but alas, they are not on my camera but on my mama's and sisters. so whenever they get around to giving them to me, i promise to share them with you.

i got some wonderful gifts for christmas including ann taylor loft leggings (the addiction continues), some other clothes, some kitchen appliances (so exciting to me who didn't even own a toaster) and other great things. i hope santa treated y'all great as well.

oh how i missed you blogland. i promise to be back soon with some (hopefully) wonderful posts. 
it's good to be back friends...it's good to be back.