Monday, January 11, 2010


any other bloggers out there read miss darby? her blog {visit here} is fabulous and absolutely one of my favorite reads ever. she has a passion to share about the Lord, a beautiful family (only some of the cutest kids ever) and makes beautiful things. she inspired me to make a little treat for some loved ones for christmas...honey cinnamon butter {found on her blog here}. her pictures are waaaay better than mine. please. don't. compare.

i thought i would share it here as well. it turned out to be AMAZING. i knew that it would. i love honey butter. i love cinnamon butter. so the odds were stacked in honey cinnamon butter's favor.  it was yummy and i am pretty sure that my gift receivers loved it as well.  

what you will need...
*2 sticks of butter at room temp (both me and darby used salted)
*1 cup of powdered sugar
*1 cup of honey
*2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

per darby's suggestion, i used the whisk feature on a hand mixer. it worked very well and i felt really made the butter turn out light and fluffy. 

first, whip the butter. next, add in the powdered sugar, honey and cinnamon. whip it good. scrap the sides. repeat. 

spoon them into little jars (darby found hers at walmart. however, A's mom had some jars that were the exact right size that she let me have). i then added some cute fabric.

and finished them up with little tags. 

didn't they turn out precious? it was a perfect little treat to give for christmas. i will definitely be making this again and again. it was delicious and addicting. i only had to make 4 jars so i took the rest and am still enjoying it now. 

enjoy my friends. 


Jen said...

I REALLY wanted to make these too but couldn't find any of those little jars since it was the winter! Where'd you find those!?

Margo said...

Loved your cinnamon butter!!! Yum! Yum! Yes, please make it again!!!