Friday, January 22, 2010

lovely friday

so this lovely friday is coming a little later in the day. but here it is my sweets...

this nice weather has gotten me all excited for spring fashion finds. as you know me by now, i like to find some good deals. and h&m is speaking to my heart already. they have a preview of one of their spring lines and i am so excited i could squeal. there is an h&m store in atlanta (i have never been to one before) and i'm thinking pretty soon, i will drag A down to atl to snag some of these wonderful pieces. or maybe i'll convince some of my besties {cough cough...are you listening besties?} to come down and go on a little cheap shopping spring.

so this lovely friday is dedicated to some wonderful pieces that i am hoping land in my closet soon.

are you ready for spring weather yet? we have been getting some weather in the upper 60's recently...i am 100% ready.


jenna said...

i am so in :) you know there is one at the florence mall now? i want to see you now! love you friend.

Julie said...

hello...a bestie is listening. I'm about to go to CO to sell my shirt to YL. Pray that I sell a lot so I can make enough $$$ to fly or drive down to SC. Also, a girl who is a leader here is really upset because her sister is moving to Greenville. Who's not upset?? ME!!! DRIVING BUDDY, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!