Sunday, January 10, 2010

a new year

i am over a week late but i thought i would share some of my resolutions {i already shared my first one here}. as i mentioned before, i literally have a list of about 20 things. some of the things are year resolutions. some of them are life changes. either way, i hope i am successful with each of them. 

some of my resolutions include...

*eat better (i.e. more fruits and veggies and eating more organic foods)
*create a workout schedule
*get a full time job (with benefits!)
*make my SC apartment feel more like home
*get a pet
*run a 5k. and then a 10k 
*cook more...and try new things
*grow mynewsweetcarolina blog
*go to bed earlier

this is just a sampling of some of my resolutions/life changes starting in 2010. hopefully by proclaiming them to the blog world, i will be even more motivated to accomplish them. 

happy 2010 my friends. i wish you the best year and can't wait to share mine with you. 
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Courtney said...

Run the 5 and 10 k's for sure! I hate HATE running and did one this summer...and was sore, but really glad I did. Plus when you're in such a big group of people running, you forget to get tired and just keep on runnin! Good luck!