Tuesday, January 5, 2010

tuesday's ten

my sweet friend brit, over at dave and brit plus one, started a little tradition today that i am fully on board with (as is one of my besties jen). it's "tuesday's ten", a list of ten random things all having to do with a specific topic. i can't promise i will do this every tuesday, but i will sure try my darn-dest to. 

i really love lists. like love. to do lists are my favorite (the thought of being able to cross something off is enough to make me giddy). so this seemed like a perfect tradition to start with my bloggy friends. 

this week, it is my ten pet-peeves. here it goes...

1. when people talk on their cell phones when they are using a public restroom. i actually tweeted about this very thing yesterday. it weirds me out. and i judge you. just sayin'.
2. people who can't drive. i could go on and on about this one. but it is seriously the one thing that makes me cuss the quickest (not a good thing) but it really does make my blood boil. BOIL.
3. this has been my longest going pet-peeve, meaning i can remember hating this for a long time. sand on my feet. not when i'm playing on a beach. more like, it's the end of a day at the beach and i want to go home. however, i have lots of sand on my feet and there is no shower to rinse them off. only the ocean. which would be counterproductive seeing as though i would have to truck back through said sand to get to where i'm going.
4. spam. i don't know how you people selling viagra and other gross things got my email address. but please, knock it off. i hate you.
5. michael jackson. he had a few good songs. but his death brought out the weirdos, i tell ya. stop talking about him. now. big pet-peeve.
6. walking in the rain and somehow, the bottom of your pants get soaked up to the knee. i can assure you i did not step in that deep of a puddle. so how did the water get all the way up there? 
7. it's louisville (luh-ville) and clemson (clem(p)son) people. louisville...not louiE-ville or lewis-ville. clemson...not clemzen. 
8. getting ready and being hot. let me explain. you are straightening your hair and doing your make-up and are sweating like a mad lady. not fun. and doesn't make you feel too pretty. makes. me. mad.
9. not having a washer/dryer. it's stupid. consider yourself oh so lucky (and never forget) how lucky you are if you have one in your apt/house. ask me if i lugged 4 TRASHBAGS of dirty laundry 7 hours away to my grandmothers house just to have a chance to catch up on my laundry. oh yes i did.
10. mean employees. it makes me not a nice little girl if you don't even greet me before you take my order at panera. or if you just stare at me if i walk into your little boutique. that would be your job. do it.

that is all. looking back...it all sounds kinda bratty. but i feel like i just vented my frustrations. i'm liking this tuesday's ten already!



Amy Kelly said...

On the subject of #9... I think I will cry with joy the day I have a washer and dryer! I either have to take my laundry to my in-laws which means I take an entire day out of my life and sit around doing nothing for hours and hours and hours on end, or I go to the laundromat and spend way too much money to save myself time. I hate it! A washer and dryer (and a dishwasher) are on the top of my priority list for my next apartment. I have so much jealously towards people who have their own washer and dryer. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it.

Jen said...

It's so funny because as I read EVERY SINGLE ONE I thought...oh my goodness...that should have been on my list. we are the same & hate all the same things!

So glad we chatted today. please start chatting at work.

Love you!

Paige said...

Oh my I love your list esp. about the sand & Louisville. I cannot stand to hear some people says LouIEville. Drives me nutty! But then again maybe I talk a little redneck?! You're blog is adorable!

Rachel said...

Oh man ... #6 happens to me every singe time it rains! I hate being short!!

Anonymous said...

how fun! I need to try this! Hope your having a great day! xoxo