Sunday, January 17, 2010

florida christmas

hi friends. this is my last christmas post, i promise. i am HORRIBLE at taking pictures. so i had to wait for my mama and sister to send them my way. and i thought you might want to see my family christmas in florida documented in pictures {and yes...A came along for the ride too}. also...get ready for picture overload.

the first night we were there, they had an AMAZING thunderstorm. i love love LOVE storms. so me, A and my sister spent most of the evening out on the front porch watching the storm go by. 

we also went on some adventures. marble slab was a must go-to. we have one in SC but there are none in KY. it was good...but i have had better marble slab ice cream. it didn't stop me and A {especially A} from getting really pumped about ice cream.

a beach trip was a must. don't let the pretty sunshine, white sand and beautiful ocean fool you. it was FREEZING. i am talking ears feel like they are going to fall off...i am not walking on sand but it's actually snow cold. but we still had a fun little photo shoot. and we had the gorgeous beach all to ourselves.

this jumping picture might be the only one we got {out of like 20} where my sister actually got her feet up off the sand. her feet were so cold they outright refused to leave the ground. or something like that. anyway, it definitely gave us a lot of laughs.

and morgan suggested we have a little shandy shoot while we were there. this one is my fave. {excuse my crazy bang on top of my was windy}

another thing we did a lot of....puzzles. we are obsessed. we prob did at least 4 or 5. not. kidding.

this last picture needs a little bit of explanation. but it is by far my best memory of florida. i love beyonce's 'single ladies' song. and so my sis decided to do a little dance for us. she had the video up on her phone. we had the music on to match the video perfectly. she did the whole dance and did not hold back. it was beyond fabulous. {she even put on a wife beater and her under armour shorts to match beyonce's leotard. yeah...she is dedicated} i have never laughed so hard in my life. i freaking love my sister.

contrary to what these pictures show, i promise my parents and grandparents were there as well. A, morg, and myself just love hanging out so much that a majority of pictures are just the three of us. 

and that was our wonderful, fabulous, magnificent and perfect christmas spent in florida. i wish it had lasted longer. i really love my family...


Courtney said...

I love that dance!!!!! haha, your sis must be pretty talented to do it, it's a hard one!!