Saturday, January 30, 2010

stay inside

that is what i am doing all weekend long.

have you heard of that crazy snow/ice storm that has hit OK, AR and TN? well, it is headed this way. i don't mind the winter storm warnings that have been plastered all over the tv or the fact that the weatherman is calling the storm that is coming "crippling". i just don't want to lose power. that is all i ask.

so this weekend, my plans include...

playing super mario. A recently got a nintendo wii. and it is currently at mi casa. so A and i have been playing like psychos. my thumbs hurt. call me a nerd but i really really love mario.

looking through my domino magazines. i want to get some inspiration for my apartment. little things to make it more "me". i need some ideas.

i also will be doing some laundry. at my apartment. how you ask? well...

that's right my friends. i got a washer and dryer. A's boss had these sitting in storage. A asked (for me) if i could store them for him in my apartment. he let me have them forever. how freaking awesome is that??? i've never been so excited to do laundry in my life!

here's to a nice little snowy weekend indoors.


jenna said...

yay shannon!!! that is such a treat!! i love you friend! wish we were snowed in together!

Jen said...

we got a bunch of snow! i really like it! YAY for the washer and dryer! What a blessing!! And we also have super mario wii...i am about 10% as good as ben. maybe less. if you come here you can play on ours. come here?

love you. planning a visit.

Amy Kelly said...

What a lovely little laundry nook! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait until the hubby and I move after he graduates. A washer and dryer are at the top of the must have list for our next place.